Ph.D. Theme                                                                                                                                                 Magyar

Analysis of hyperspectral image processing and agricultural application

Leader of PhD project: Angéla ANDA, PhD, DSc

Leader of research project: József BERKE PhD, CSc., -

Goals of project

Nowadays the processing methods and the applications of hyperspectral data are following the technical development of hyperspectral sensors with significant time-lag/delayed. The processing of the visual information, which are colleted in the spectral range of the visible and the (near and thermal) infrared electromagnetic spectrum, offer same opportunities. My project are the development and refinement of these processing and methods, and the application in use/practice.

My aims:

  • The combined processing of hyperspectral information, the refinement of practical methods.
  • Spectral and structural analysis with different image classification methods.
  • Research of usable agrarian areas of hyperspectral data.
  • Comparative analysis of the results with the help of multispectral classification methods.



Length of the project: 2006-2009