IST5 WirelessInfo Project




Proposal full title:                                 Wireless supporting of agricultural and forestry information systems–extensionTrials


Proposal acronym:                                WirelessInfo–extension to Trials


Proposal number:                           IST-2001-32595


Official Internet site:          


Project Manager:                               Karel Charvát, Ph.D.


Hungarian Project Manager:      József Berke, Cs.C, Ph.D.





Project summary


The objective of proposed project is to extend the focus of trials project WirelessInfo about new solutions, which offer new possibilities of implementation of mobile communications into every day live in rural regions. This extension will give new quality to previously solved problem and bring new technological and also applications solutions. Because WirelessInfo project is trials, the goal will be to evaluated possibilities of new equipment  in the field of agriculture and forestry. These new technologies will be demonstrated on new practical solutions for agriculture and forestry practices.(Land management, water management)

 The whole project is oriented on the connection of GIS platforms with wireless communication (GSM, GPRS). The solution will be based on using open GIS platforms and different sources of communication (XML, GML, WML, XHTML]. The communication possibilities via Internet solution and spatial tools for wireless communication will be compared.



Mobile Information Systems in Agriculture (MISA2002) Workshop with international participation



MapServer based developed applications



Samples of Georgikon Faculty’s results



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Help Service–Remote Sensing s.r.o.

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University of Veszprem, Georgikon Faculty ofAgriculture, Keszthely


Kvark Ltd



  • KEPAF Conference on Image Analysis and Pattern Recognition, Domaszék, 2002. Január 23-25.
  • WIRELESSINFO– extension, Kick of meeting, Project workshop, Bratislava,30th– 31stJanuary 2002.
  • 8th conference with international participation, Information systems in Agriculture and Forestry, March 11 –12, 2002., SEČ.
  • Networkshop’2002, Eger, 2002. 03. 26.-28.
  • Information Technology in Higher Education ’2002, Debrecen, 2002. 08. 27.-