Image Processing Research Project               Magyar


Development of environmentally friendly agricultural technology and services in the watershed of Lake Balaton

ND_INRG_06-GEOGNSS2 National Research Project



Leader of Project:

József BERKE PhD, CsC. -


Goals of Project:

To establish precision plant cultivation  and plant protection, the setting up of a terrestial GIS base station connected to the EGNOS system is essential, as well as the required mobile information technology services. Development of field level agrarian environment ptotection services capable of decreasing the chemical load and the erosion of the watershed of Lake Balaton and that of consultant efficiency. The protection of the watershed of Lake Balaton extremely sensitive to environmental load, which makes life quality better and agricultural production more effective. The database can be loaded later with the parasite, pathogen and weed catalogue system helping internet based forecast.

The service directly support:

-surveying work of land measurement,

-data supply obligation of farmers and their farm-based support needs

-testing of EU GALILEO project (direct possible EU tender) and

-any activity that requires decimeter positioning in the short run and centimeter positioning in  the long run (relief models, mapping corrections, aviation navigation etc.) for the economy.



Length of Project: 

04/2007 – 03/2008


Member of Project:

University of Pannonia



 National Office for Research and Technology